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  • With NQ 1.2.9 beta 6

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  • Flames of the Eternal


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(SBX) Server

Welcome to SouthbunkerX. We are a Clan made up of a number of former Admins from other Sites who wish to provide a stable forum for gamers from all over to enjoy the community this provides. We are extremely pleased to announce the official launch of SouthbunkerX. Through the dedication of our friends we are able to provide you with a quality gaming experience. Our success is dependent on our players and members. The feedback you as a possible member will provide us with is what will drive this server into being a worthy site amongst the top raking ET servers out there. If you are interested in joining our Clan then please take a moment to read our forum on Rules. If we are still what you are looking for then click on Apply and fill out a response with the information asked. If you simply want to enjoy our server community then we are certainly glad to see you as well! Happy Gaming from your SouthbunkerX Team. Cheers!!!!! Hello SBX Gamers, We have recently upgraded our server from v2.55 to v2.60b With this change we are able to offer an enhanced version of the game with a huge selection of Maps that were not possible in 2.55, Unfortunately your XP "as well as mine" is not transferable to the new version, That being said, We are all restarting on even ground. We hope to see you in game soon. If you are having trouble with the upgrade, please send any one of the Admins a message and we will make every effort to get you back in the game! Important information that you will need to follow. In order for v2.60 to work. you must do the following, 1 - Install the 2.60 patch by selecting the ET 2.60 patch link found on the right hand side of our web page. cheers! (SBX)Moneyman

Posted by Canada (SBX)Moneyman in General on Sunday 09 January @ 09:06

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